Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gurnard's Book of Delights

Why is this the best book of the day?

Because it is that good.

The idea behind this book is very simple, have kids write a story about one subject, pick the best and put them in a book. The idea might be simple but there are so many ways for a book like this to fail but this one does not. This is a book for kids, illustrated by kids and written by kids. It is one of those rare books filled with talent that will also help to encourage your child to try their hand at writing.

I stumbled across this book by happen chance and am totally wowed by how good it is. It is simplistic but it was written by kids and it is for kids, so that works. Grab a copy of this book, read it with your child and then let their imagination run away as they try their hand at being a great author.

Amazon Book Description

Gurnard's Book of Delights is a collection of stories written by children aged between four and ten years of age for a Primary School literary competition. They had to write a story involving an element of time travel... and they certainly did that.

It features three bonus stories by authors, Vanessa Wester and S.P. Moss, who judged the entries.

S.P. Moss commented:

"I've had so much fun reading your wild and wonderful stories. There were stories that made me giggle, stories that made me gasp and stories that amazed me with the places they took me to. I travelled in time back to the war, the Victorian times and even further - to the Aztecs, the ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians with your stories. The time travel mechanisms were most ingenious - from boffin-like time-travel machines to everyday objects like a TV and a toy train. Not to mention a hat and some rather fabby pink boots - and even magic guinea pigs! Thanks to all of you who took part and keep on writing..." 

Gurnard's Book of Delights

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments & for posting a review on amazon! I am so glad it impressed you, since I have not had much feedback outside of school! You have made my day, and I will read this out to the children tomorrow when I visit the school to give the latest donation from the proceeds!

    All the best,
    Vanessa :)